Sewage Treatment
Sewage and Sullage is the wastewater released by residences, business, industries and community in general. Pathogens or disease-causing are present in this untreated wastewater. Coli form bacteria are used as an indicator of disease.

Our goal is to provide an Eco Friendly treatment technology and reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from wastewater that are infectious to the mankind.

Membrane Bioreactors provides an advanced level of purification by reducing the nutrient levels in the STP which combines conventional biological treatment processes with membrane filtration systems.

The MBR Systems - Membranes are submerged in the Secondary Aeration biological chamber having porosities ranging from 0.035 to 4 Microns - The enhanced level of Organic and Suspended Solids removal between Micro and Ultrafilteration.


  • Less Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of 4-8 hours vs 12-24 hours
  • Sludge Yield of 20-40% less than conventional.
  • Footprint of 25% Conventional Plant.
  • Modular expandability.
  • Highest quality effluent.
  • Less susceptible to upsets due to flow variations
  • Less odor

We offer Moving Bed Bio film Reactor / Fluidized Media Bio Reactor using attached growth process for Waste water treatment by providing Biomax Media for Larger surface area 450 - 850 M2/M3 and hence less area for civil is needed.

As compared to conventional technologies, MBBR / FMBR are compact, energy efficient and user friendly.

These Media based Bio Reactor process utilizes Bio media with enhanced area so that Flock forming organism’s form clusters or attach to available surfaces.

The Fluidized Media carrier material allows high biomass concentrations per cubic meter of material, which:
  • Increases the specific volumetric capacity of activated sludge tanks
  • Controls biomass activity
  • No diffuser grids required inside the sewage tanks & hence neat & clean system to maintain
  • Use of Oil & grease eating strains for Oil & Grease removal.
  • Significant reduction in space, due to high surface area & loading rate of media.
  • Option of upgrading to MBR as well enhances the capacity of the plant without increase in plot area.
  • Floating or side mounted aerators for extremely easy maintenance
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