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Microclean Environmental Solutions is a young and dynamic company established in the year 2004, with the motto of emerging itself as an eco friendly and cost effective solution provider for Total waste water management with a team of Environmental Engineers pioneered in utilizing cutting edge biotechnology products for solving the problems in the wastewater industry.

Microclean incorporates Innovative and cutting edge advanced biological treatment technologies with tested and selected exogenous microorganisms that are suitable of degrading certain compounds present in the waste water and reducing the contaminants.

This solution is referred to as the Augmentation of right kind of Microorganisms - BIOREMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY - Unique combination of Microbial cultures and innovative technologies for enhanced degradation of organic compounds to ensure maximum reduction of pollutants in the waste water would be recycled / safely discharged as per norms.

The wastewater and the organic compounds will be treated using these advanced Bioremediation Technologies by incorporating imported aeration equipments with less energy requirements to provide the required amount of oxygen levels in the treatment plant.

Microclean is engaged with PFC Group, Mumbai to provide Energy Efficient Aeration Systems, Biomax Media, MBR, PVC Liners from Europe.
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