Air Pollution
Movable / Fixed Canopies would be fixed near the Induction furnace depending upon the capacity of the furnace. Duct of required size would be provided for enhanced suction of Air, Gases, Oxides and Dust particulates generated from the Induction Furnace. A Suction Blower with motor of required Capacity is used for effective suction of Pollutants and delivery of the same.

The polluted matter after suction passes through the venturi system and thereafter through the Wet Scrubber. The venturi and the Wet scrubber are connected with suitable dosing pumps for spraying the polymers through the nozzles. The venturi and the wet scrubber would be provided with an SS lining inside in order to avoid corrosion and to adhere to the permissible APC norms.

The precipitated matter would be fed to the sand filter beds for sedimenting the particulates and the water is drained. A supporting frame for the Wet Scrubber and Ladder with support angle for the chimney would be provided along with the system.

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